KTC800A Manual Tension Controller

Name:KTC800A Manual Tension Controller
Input:Single phase AC185~264V,50/60Hz


KTC800A is the new version in 2021,which has high performance than old versions.

It's usually used for material's tension control manually.

This kind of manual tension controller is applicable for Magnetic powder brake,Magnetic powder clutch,Voltage regulator...etc


  • Using adaptable switching power supply
  • Input power AC185~264V and output power DC0-24V/4A.
  • Using PWM(pulse width modulation) , high efficiency.Four control options: Constant current output;
  • Constant voltage output;
  • Constant power output ; External potentiometer connect.
  • Using buttons and pulse potentiometer to adjust the tension.
  • Automatic over-current protection.
  • Multiple installation methods, very convenient and practical.

Technical Parameter

Control Methods

PWM(Pulse Width Modulation)

Input Power

Single Phase  AC185V~264V50/60Hz

Output Power

DC 0~24V4A  Max

Applicable Model

Magnetic clutch, Magnetic brakes,

Voltage regulator supplies

External Control Signal

0~10Vco-output 0~24V

Installation Methods

Vertical Installation, Wall-hanging Installation, Embedded Installation

Using Condition




Installation Dimension