Rubber tube for air shaft

Name:Rubber tube for air shaft
Material:Butyl Rubber

1. 应用 Application:

适用于气胀轴、气涨鼓、滑差轴、水涨、市政管道修复、堵水器、 暴气器、此款气囊根据修复器,气胀轴应用结合研发出,能够在气胀轴内反复 充气放气10W次以上。

This product applicable for different types of air expanding shaft. It is searched and developed according to the application of air shaft. It can be inflated and deflated more than 100,000 times in the air expanding shaft.


2. 特点 Features:

本产品具有耐高压(承受4-8kg气压)、膨胀、收缩性、耐磨性以及 耐油腐蚀、绝缘不导电、柔  软性好、弹性好的特点。经过专业测试,满足客户在各种 环境下使用。无龟裂、无折断、不爆裂(4-8kg压力内)。

This product can bear high pressure (4-4kg air pressure). It is wear-resisting and insulating. It has high flexibility, high oil resistance and anti-corrosion. It has passed professional tests, can be used in ant condition without breaking burst (under 4-8kg air pressure).


3. 产品信息 Product information:

1) 途:气胀轴、气胀鼓、

Application: air expanding shaft, air drum

2) 规格种类:直径6毫米至1200mm12 均有模具,随时生产

Specification: diameter from 6mm to 1200mm (All have molds and can be produced at any time)

3) 胶管材质:丁基胶或天然胶、(rubberⅡR

Material: Rubber or ⅡR

4) 胶管长度:20-40米一根,通常401

Length: 20-40m

5) 使用寿命:3-8年正常使用

Service life: 3-8 years

6) 适应温度:极限60℃

Applicable temperature: MAX 60℃

7) 耐高低温:-20℃60℃

Lowest/highest temperature resistance: -20℃~60℃

8) 使用方式:充气

Usage: Inflate air      

9) 色:黑色

Color: Black

10) 形状:圆形

Shape: Round

11) 质量认证:KCBCNASCEUICC GB/T19001-2008 idt IS09001:2008标准 GB/T19001-2000 idt IS09001:2000标准。产品检测报告:CNALMAAL

Certificate: KCBCNASCEUICC GB/T19001-2008 idt IS09001:2008 GB/T19001-2000 idt IS09001:2000.  Product testing report: CNALMAAL

12) 出口包装:内层透明PE膜缠绕,外层编织带缠绕。也按客 户需要,另外可提供特定

Export packaging: PE film winds inside, braided strap winds outside. Can be custom-made according to clients' demand.