CCD Sensor Web Guide System

Name:CCD Sensor Web Guide System
控制方式Control Method DC Servo Motor Driver:控制方式Control Method DC Servo Motor Driver
电源Power DC 24V /5A:电源Power DC 24V /5A
响应速度Response speed 0.5 ms:响应速度Response speed 0.5 ms

EPC-A12 Servo Edge Position Controller

本系统能连接多种不同类型的纠偏传感器和推动器,支持EPC跟边LPC 线,CPC对中,SPC错位(蛇形)等多种纠偏方式。使用彩色大屏幕触控屏作为人机界面,操作方便,美观大方, 带有设置向导和在线帮助系统,就算第一次使用本系统,也能轻松完成基本设置。

This system can connect various types of correcting sensors and actuators, support EPC tracking LPC, CPC alignment, SPC dislocation (serpentine) and other correcting methods. Using color large screen touch screen as human-machine interface, easy to operate, beautiful and generous, with Setup Guide and online help system, even if the first use of this system, can easily complete the basic settings.

HCCD介绍HCCD Introduction

HCCD传感器是彩色的线阵摄像头,能追踪材料的边缘,对比度边缘,线条,图案等。由于要追踪的材料各不 相同,我们需要告诉传感器要追踪的目标,这需要对追踪的目标进行标定。

The HCCD sensor is a color linear camera, which can track the edges of materials, contrast edges, lines, patterns and so on. Because the materials to be tracked are different, we need to tell the sensor the target to be tracked, which requires calibration of the target to be tracked.


1.    可追踪卷材上的印刷标记线或边;

The printing mark line or edge on the coil can be traced;

2.    操作简单,“一键式”校准,优化的识别算法自动识别工作参数,无需人工调节;

Simple operation, "one key" calibration, the optimized identification algorithm can automatically identify the working parameters without manual adjustment; 

3.    高精度,检测范围宽,可有效避免印刷标志物旁边有印刷干扰时而追丢目标或纠偏不稳定;

High precision and wide detection range, which can effectively avoid losing the target or rectifying the deviation unsteadily when there is printing interference beside the printed mark;

4.    抗环境光干扰能力强,无论是烟包纸上的印刷标记还是高反光镭射膜印刷标记,均能可靠追踪;

It has strong anti-interference ability against ambient light, and can be traced reliably no matter the printing mark on the cigarette wrapping paper or the high reflective laser film printing mark;

5.    响应速度高,在速度600m/min也能可靠工作。

High response speed and can work reliably at a speed of 600m / min.