Flange Multi-bladder Air Shaft

Name:Flange Multi-bladder Air Shaft
Model:Flange Multi-bladder Air Shaft
Application:3inch Rubber tube
Working width:Customized
Shaft body:Alu Alloy

The multi-bladder air expanding core shaft is applicable to winding and unwinding shaft of the related machines in coating ,cutting ,printing ,compounding ,paper making, bag making, plastic items, specially the occasion of the high-efficient roundness required or surface winding and unwinding of the paper tube. Moreover, it also can improve efficiency and quality of the products.


Structural Features

1.     The central body is made from aluminum alloy;

2.     Strips can be made from rubber,aluminum.

3.     Shaft head(journal) can be made according to customers’ drawings,to meet any special requirements.

4.     The aluminum alloy body has a standard size and specification.

Technical parameter 




Ppaer tube inner Dia



Shaft Dia before expanding



Shaft Dia after expanding



Order guide

Users should specify type,dimension,the position of the gas nozzle,and the tolerance of the important size of the top of shaft.If the shaft inlet gas,when the gas nozzle is mounting,the out diameter of the top of the shaft should be more than 35mm;All formal drawing of overall dimension should be provided.After the confirmation of both sides,we will start production.


Advantages of our shaft

1. Inflatable job a short time, separated from the air shaft and place the paper tube just three seconds to inflate and deflate, nor do they need any parts sub negligent shaft side that is able to work closely with the paper tube bite.

2. paper tube placement simple: inflatable and deflated operation, mobile and fixed any position paper tube in the axial plane.
3. carrying heavy: May be the actual needs of customers, to determine the size of the shaft diameter, and the use of high strength steels hard to make it carry the weight increase.
4. Economic efficiency: shaft design for a particular function, for thick, thin, wide, narrow tubes have encountered all kinds of paper of all applications.
5. Maintenance is simple, use a long time: a single air shaft parts, each part in its construction Jieyou fixed specifications, can exchange it with, it is convenient.