Cork Belt Tape For Roll Cover

Name:Cork Belt Tape For Roll Cover
Material:Rubber & Cork


Germany imported BOBOTEX cork belt C-12/S, also known as anti slip tape or water pine bark.


It is mainly used to prevent the film from being scratched and scratched by the traction guide roller during the operation of the equipment. It is suitable for packaging machines such as compound machines, testing machines, slitting machines, gravure press and so on.

性能特点 Features


The anti-skid cork belt is durable to prevent the wire drawing from running and reduce the static electricity.


The surface of anti slip cork tape is like sesame. It has excellent skid resistance and improves product quality.


The anti-skid cork tape is coated with pressure sensitive glue on the back, which can be tightly wound on the surface of the guide roller of the packaging equipment, and the operation is convenient.


技术参数Technical Data

规格: 100 m x50 mm x1.6 mm.

Specifications: L100 m x W 50 mm x T 1.6 mm.



The Anti-skid (anti-slip) Rubber Cork Belt Tape is widely used for printing machine, slitting machine, inspector, web guide control system...etc