ST/FL35 Safety chuck

Name:ST/FL35 Safety chuck
Model:STO/STW 35,FLO/FLW 35
Max loading:1600Kg
Max torque:35Kg.m(350N.m)

Features 特性

1. The safety chucks is coupling which can make the operating mechanism requiring connection of drive and breaking away from action works more fast, more accurate and more safety.

2. The mouth of chuck utilizes the special heat treatment to extend service life greatly.

3. All critical dimension of the chuck is processed by the machining center and CNC machining to ensure positioning accuracy.

1. 安全卡盘是为频繁需要连接传动和脱离动作的工作机构,提供快速、精确、简易及安全的联轴器。

2. 卡盘托口采用特殊的热处理工艺,极大地延长了使用寿命。

3. 卡盘所有关键尺寸均为加工中心、数控机床加工,保证其定位的精度。